Software4Joomla provides a series of community builder extensions allowing you to create powerful community websites. Our s4j modules come with an extensive list of customization options that will allow you to configure the displays to fit in perfectly with your Joomla templates.

Some of the most common features availble in most of our modules are:

  • Module layout
  • Tooltip
  • Property settings
  • Optimized for best performance
  • Possibility to integrate cb fields gender, age and birthday
  • Show/hide options for, -gender, -age, birthday, -online status
  • PMS support for - PMS Open Source, PMS Pro, UddeIM, Jim, Missus, Clexus and more
  • Max. / min. age to hide
  • Avatar: show/hide and size options
  • Customizable name format  and more ...
  • Layout system (details / tooltip)
  • Usericon other to support jacl
  • Support for flashchat
  • Option avatar settings for details and tooltip
  • Option "avatar image" to set which image to load thumbnail or original
  • Module is W3C compliant
  • Module Class Suffix
  • Avatar Settings for behavior on click

and more.

Please see for yourself by trying out our trial modules or go to our product shop to get a complete package.